This medical formulation is perfect both before and after surgical procedures as well as pre and post injection.  Designed to accelerate skin’s natural healing processes and reduce bruising. Best results are achieved when used for two weeks before, and two weeks after cosmetic procedures.  Formulated with arnica and emu oils to help improve circulation and vitamin P to promote and maintain healthy blood vessel walls.
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Under Eye Repair
An amazing product formulated to instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy tissue under the eyes as well as promote long term healing of the main causes of these problems
Bruise Cream
Improves and accelerates skin’s natural healing process and lessens the severity of bruising associated with cosmetic surgery procedures.
Post Injection Cream
CLINICIANS COMPLEX Post Injection Cream is formulated to help reduce bruising, soreness and redness associated with Botox®, collagen, dermal fillers and other related injection procedures.

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